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Tag 3. 29.10.2017
15:30 - Podlove Podcast Publisher 2.7 (Kleiner Sitzungssaal) von @ericteubert

In Ergänzung zur Diskussion habe ich mir das WWDC2017 Video zu den Podcast Meta-Daten (iOS11) angesehen.

Video WWDC 2017 Podcast

ApplePodcastsSpecUpdatesiOS11.pdf (166,0 KB)

trailer je PODCAST und SEASONS
bonus je EPISODE

Trailer is a great new episode type that can be either a podcast level trailer or a season level trailer, depending on if there’s a season number present.
And this is great for teaser trailers before you’ve launched your show, or if you want to highlight a trailer for a new season. Bonus is for an episode that contains bonus content, which is great for supplemental content associated with an existing episode. After-show, or review, we’ll tie them together in the UI, and with the main episode, we’ll make it look really great. So, we’re really excited to see how podcasters utilize these new episode types to make their content even more engaging.

Auf den Screenshots sieht man auch wie sie auf die Podcast APP wirken.

Presentation Slides (PDF) - 26,4 MB

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