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i’m interested in studio link but not a single page in the webiste is not in german.
is there any english, french, spanish version ?
Dam at least english no ? it’s 2020.
google translate does not work for technical stuff.

not an official document, but an english tutorial I wrote a few weeks ago. hope that helps!

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Sylvain, I can understand that you’re frustrated but could I ask you to keep the language friendly around here? People are donating a LOT of their free time to make tools and help each other out. The least we can expect is that we all treat each other with respect.

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That’s very kind thanks.
your article looks great. I just have a little question maybe you can help :
i want to record audio (for overdub) from a remote comedian by sending him video stream of the actual movie in sync (i have nuendo). also having the director (also remote location) looking at comedian performance in sync with video.
So far i use VSTconnect Pro in nuendo for all the audio but it does not stream my video track.
using skype or google meet the video is not very fluid. is there a technical solution with studio link to stream quality video while recording all the audios ?
thx for help

put simply: no. that’s just not what it is built for.

sorry not sure what you took as agressive :stuck_out_tongue:the “it’s 2020” ?
didn’t mean it in any bad way. It’s just that it is very surprising and rare to see a technical tool beeing release only in one language not including english. Specially tools dedicated to connect systems over internet. (for info i’m not englsih)

thx Joram.
will look for something else.

alips… forum says : Britrag muss mindestens 8 Zeichen land sein hast du schon die …
can you help me what it means ?
looks like i’m not allowed to post for some reason.

oh wait… it’s working now.

You can have a look at deepl.com as well, which is much better at translation than Google.

Regarding the error message, it says that your post must be at least 8 characters long.

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Hi - we created an ENG version of the Quick-Start Guide: StudioLink Quicksart Guide auf Englisch

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If needed, I would also happily volunteer to help with translation of webpage texts. For my podcast I’m mostly doing interviews with non-german speakers, and I’d love to be able to do it via Studio-Link :slight_smile:

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