Volume Control and Gain


I am sorry that I am writing in English. I don’t speak German. I use google translate to understand what others wrote about studio-link.

Studio-link is a wonderful software. I appreciate it. But I have one problem.

Is there any way that I can adjust the volume level of specific participants? I mean the level other participants hear. When the volume level of someone in the conference call is too low, other participants can hardly hear. I thought I would be able to add gain for that participant, but I could not find out how. Or, someone’s volume is just too loud and the users who use stand-alone studio link get the mixed-down stream of all participants, and they cannot lower the volume for that specific participant.

And one more thing. When I add studio link vst in the reaper, I see three gain parameters controls. What are they for? I see no audible change when I change them.


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Hi June,

your participants must adjust the gain locally (hard- or software). At the moment there is no other way. The VST Gain parameters are a default mockup and have no function.