Pick browser for standalone and plugin

Is it possible to choose wich browser to use with the plug-in and the stadalone version?

I use Firefox for browsing, but use a Chromium based browser and Google Chrome for audio in browsers.

Now when I start the standalone version, open the link in the browser and close Firefox the standaline version also closes.

Maybe you could use “open with” with a right click on the mouse?

The standalone has its own audio processing, the browser is only a view control and there is no audio processing. By default I use the command “open”, this takes the default browser to open the url.

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So I could safely close the browser once connection is established? Regular SL as well as OnAir?

Well I think not, as I close my browser, standalone stops as well.

Yes, but on Standalone the last browser/tab close the process (with no active call), to prevent zombie standalone processes.