Improved Filter for Chapter-List


I’d love to have an improved filter so that I could say what not to show in the chapter list (similar to a google search when using a „-“ in front of a keyword).

I’ve different types of chapter marks (normal, URLs, Images) and I’m using prefixes to determine them:


While editing this list it’s easy to filter for only „URLs“…


…but I can not only show normal chapter marks. For that I’d need a syntax like „-URL -BILD“.

Do you guys think, that would be possible?

Would be cool.

Unfortunately we use Reaper’s own markerlist, which doesn’t let us improve on anything, so we would need to rewrite it from scratch to make such a filter possible.
It’s possible but very tedious…

I understand, thank you for the reply! The only option left is, to build up a huge crowd of people with the same desire for the feature and then the reaper guys might improve their software. :slight_smile: