FAQ: Restore or change track layout?

I’m at a point where, in addition to my voice editing for the podcast, I am doing a fair amount of mixing with music and fx for audio drama. I would love to return many of the controls to the track layouts from traditional Reaper (monitoring, input, etc.), but I seem unable to do so. Does anyone have an idea how to go about it while using Ultrasound? Thank you in advance.

There is a (German) topic in the FAQ section [1] for this issue.

The easiest way to do this is to use a 2nd vanilla standalone version of Reaper for this [2].
( I recomend to use for both installations the version number of Reaper which is recommended by Ultraschall.)

Unfortunately there is no such thing as an on / off switch.



If you are using a Mac you might get an error message about the Ultrashall installation ( generated by Reaper) which can be ignored.



Hi Steve,

some of the advanced controls are just hidden for small monitors. Give the mixer some space, and they will magically re-appear:


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You can change the theme to default v6 theme. Some buttons will not have graphics, but the controls are all fully visible.

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Thanks. That’s a good idea, because I also want to work with music using the Tempos and the podcast using the minutes clock. Cheers!

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Oh my, of course it does! Awesome, thank you!

@Mespotine Good idea. Though I like the Ultrasound theme, overall, for everything it does. A standalone second version seems like the best idea. Thank you!

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