Add images to chapters


Is it possible to add images to each chapter (not the cover image for the whole episode) with chapter makers, as we can do with Podcast Chapters or Forecast?

(Sorry I can only speak English)

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I’m not that deep into Ultraschall yet and can’t answer that. But when it comes to adding pictures to chapter marks (and soundprocessing while we’re at it) I use Auphonic

This one didn’t make it onto the list if currently planned features for our next release. While it’s technically entirely possible, we are currently working on some UI extensions on which this specific feature would strongly rely on. Stay tuned.

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Thanks for letting me know! I do know there’re some apps and services that can do this, but I thought it would be great if we can do all these things in Ultrascall as a one-stop workstation.

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Thanks! Really looking forward to Ultraschall 4 as well. And glad to hear this function is possible, hopefully I can see it in the future release

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but Ultraschall is only developed by a small team of enthusiastic audiophile people doing all this in their spare time

If you know people who might want to contribute plz let us know as a quick overview if someone should be interested

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