Wir suchen einen neuen Moderator/Mitproduzent!

Hallo liebe Podcaster! This Week in Germany, das englischsprachige Podcast mit Nachrichten aus Deutschland, sucht ab ende Januar einen neuen Mitproduzent & Moderator!

Weiteres werde ich auf Englisch beschreiben, da gute Englischkenntnisse für unser Podcast nötig sind!

This Week in Germany has been going for one year now and we’re super proud of what we have achieved. We’re gaining new subscribers and website hits every month. However, for us to grow and expand in 2015 (especially to increase quality of our reports and keep this consistent), we need to find some support!

This is where you come in. Ideally, you’re a guy or girl who knows podcasting or radio production, so you know what sounds right and what keeps listeners listening. You have your own quality mic and editing software.

You must have a good level of English - enough to be able to explain complex topics. You also need to have an interest in current affairs and German culture - enough to be able to excite the listener about the country you live in.

The exact nature of your participation in the podcast is something we’re totally flexible with. We just need good people on board who can deliver regular, informative and interesting content. Even if you can only deliver one high-quality 10 minute report a month, that is still a big help!

So what’s in it for you? Well, as you can expect, we don’t have any money. But we’re passionate about what we do: bringing Germany to the world and the world to Germany. All we can offer you is an audience and a complex, exciting subject matter, but we’ll also credit you and mention your website, Twitter feed or whatever you prefer.

We want someone who will help us take the podcast to the next level. Our favourite moments so far include our Berlin Wall Special, our interview with the bestselling author Timur Vermes and our visit to Leipzig to learn more about Johann Sebastian Bach. We want to make more of these produced/organised/edited reports and interviews!

If you’re interested, send us an email via our website introducing yourself, ideally with a link to something cool you’ve done in the past.

Okay und jetzt wieder auf Deutsch! Wir freuen uns auf die Möglichkeit, mehr deutsche Stimmen ins Podcast reinzubringen.

Vielen Dank!


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