Studio-Link LV2 plugin more than 2 channel

I am using studio-link LV2 plugin in linux, it seems to works with jalv and carla.
The problem is that I get only 2 channel on input and output.
I tried to change the number of channels in the file “config” but it get reset to 2 after running the plugin.

Is there a way to increase the number of channels using jalv or carla?

You can start multiple plugins to get more than two channels. But right now a call is limited to stereo. Opus multichannel is not supported at the moment.

Sorry, I did not explain correctly.
I am not trying to get more than stereo per call, actually mono is fine.
What I need is multiple caller to call the plugin, typically 4, and have access to the audio coming from each caller individually.
Currently, in the JACK framework, I only have access to the audio coming from the first caller.
In the example using Reaper on your WEB site, you have 2 callers and you have 2 vu meter bar for incoming and outgoing
In my case using the plugin with jalv or carla, I always have one vu meter bar for incoming and outgoing even if I have 3 callers active.

Also I tried to start multiple plugin but it does not work, I get the following error:
Studio Link Webapp v17.03.1-beta - Effect Plugin Copyright © 2016 Sebastian Reimers <>
tcp: sock_bind: bind: Address already in use (af=2,

Got it working using the LV2 plugin with Carla.

The standalone version has a feature for auto-answering, will this be also available for the plugin?